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Whitehat SEO is in the forefront of the inbound marketing movement, helping to drive new website traffic and providing quality service to its clients within London, all over the United Kingdom and around the world. As part of our inbound methodology, we are specialists in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) services, pay-per-click management (Google AdWords), and growth driven web-design for many different types of business.


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Inbound Marketing

Effective marketing campaigns rely less and less on old outbound marketing techniques such as cold calling, print advertising or paid online adverts. These have become increasingly less effective at engaging new clients. The buyer is increasingly using the internet to educate themselves before contacting a potential supplier. This has led to the growth of a new method of content marketing in the form of inbound marketing implemented by a new breed of inbound marketing agency. This methodology promotes the company’s products and services via online sources such as blogs, websites, video, and other forms of media that draw an audience inward, giving them a reason to come back for more.

The more diverse your platforms and accounts, the easier it is to do. This is omni-channel marketing, which publishes content across multiple channels and in many forms as potential clients are not consistent in how they want to consume and enjoy the information. The old way of spending marketing budget on advertisements such as TV commercials, print space, or billboards has a decreasing return on investment. Now you can simply market yourself online with information that your potential clients want to read.

Businesses that offer online services will generate more revenue and profits than those who don’t. However it is important to use the best tools to implement the process otherwise the technology involved can be complex and difficult to implement. Whitehat recommends Hubspot for marketing automation as they are the current world market leader in inbound marketing automation technology.

Search Engine Optimisation

An important part of an Inbound marketing strategy is SEO, or search engine optimisation. Simply put, it a way of making sure that your website is being found by the search engines such as Google, for business relevant search terms that potential clients use online.

The higher your rank is, the more relevant it becomes to audiences and search engines alike. Research shows that web users are unlikely to read or even scroll down search results that rank lower than the first page, so getting high rankings is crucial if you want to market your goods and services to an online market.

Pay-Per-Click Management (Google Adwords)

PPC ads are those advertisements that promote a product at the header or footer area of a web search. In order to maximise revenue. Although they are an outbound marketing method, they can have their place as part of an overall marketing strategy as they can be a way of targeting difficult terms or placing adverts only during specif times of the year or even in specific geographies.

Growth Driven Website Design

Growth driven design focuses on three primary web design principles:

  1. Keep The Risk Low
    Prevent the dangers of conventional web design by focusing on quickly building initial, viable site live and then.
  2. Learn / modify / enhance
    Change the design as the implementation moves forward. Using feedback and analytics to improve on the initial ideas as they are implemented in the real world.
  3. Work closely with marketing & sales teams
    Feedback from the type of leads being generated, guides future design.

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