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Who are we?

Meet the team

Who are Whitehat

Our team is like family!

We're a team of HubSpot-certified, tech-savvy, online-obsessed creatives, who love to build and make things happen.
We’ve been working in the industry for over 10 years and have proven success in improving rankings, both organically and via paid advertising to reach more customers.

With a celebrated assortment of personalities and styles, no matter the challenge, we'll get stuck in and put our hearts and soul into everything we do.
We've found that passion breeds success, so when we're not on a project, we're out seeking new opportunities & new clients.

CEO & Founder

Clwyd Probert

What I do

Hi, I’m Clwyd! I wanted to be a Marine biologist, however, I turned out to be the CEO of Whitehat SEO. I oversee the company and have extensive knowledge in Inbound Marketing, Sales, Marketing Automation, SEO, and PPC.

Personality type

My personality type is defined as an Architect, which indicates that I’m rational, informed, independent, determined, curious and versatile. With all my personality traits and skills, I deliver high-quality results and run a successful and outstanding company.

Marketing Events Manager

Manjit Sanghera

What I do

Hi, I’m Manjit! I wanted to be a Nurse but I decided that, although I’m well equipped and skilled in this area. I’m better off as an exceptional Marketing Events Manager. I love planning and organisation and thrive on relationship-building with all people.

Personality type

My personality type is defined as The Consul. I’m a cheerleader for business success. I do this by setting the tone, taking the spotlight, and leading people to victory. I’m a strong believer in encouraging, uplifting and strengthening others. By being practical, having a sense of duty, and loyalty, whilst being sensitive and warm with great communication skills.

SEO Architect

Peter Vogel

What I do

Hi I’m Peter! A Ranger is what I wanted to be growing up and I’d still love to be one at some point! I’m an SEO consultant and specialise in optimising websites to achieve higher search rankings for clients and their businesses.

Personality type

My personality type is an Assertive Protagonist. Everything I do within this role has a ripple effect and positive impact on our client’s SEO. I’m a natural-born leader and full of passion, therefore my perseverance to achieve the best results for our clients is at the forefront of everything I do.

Onboarding Specialist

Mads Jorgensen

What I do

Hi I’m Mads. When I was growing up I think I wanted to be (don’t judge) a warrior, either in ancient times fighting barbaric invaders or in future times fighting alien attackers. Back to reality and I’m a digital warrior for Whitehat helping clients and companies get to grips with HubSpot and its intricacies, giving recommendations and insight on how to get the most out of your investment.

Personality type

My personality type is a Logician. I’m confident and assertive, yet take my time to mull over options before going in for the kill! I’m extremely intuitive and may come across as quiet for I’m always thinking, prospecting, and forward planning for client and company progression.

Project Support

Rea May Fuentes

What I do

Hi I’m Rea. As a child, I wanted to be a Doctor and enjoyed dissecting frogs as well as reading any medical encyclopedia that came my way! I provide Project Support for Whitehat and handle data enrichment tasks, HubSpot management and client liaising.

Personality type

My personality type is a Defender. This makes me unique, kind and humble. My analytical abilities and advanced people skills contribute to other strengths of being supportive reliable and patient. Plus, imaginative, observant, hardworking, loyal and enthusiastic. Overall, I have great practical skills and this is why Whitehat loves me!

Content & Design

Tamara Downer

What I do

Hi I’m Tamara. With so many dreams and aspirations for myself, I started out wanting to be a singer and beautician! Spoilt for choice, I always changed my mind but fulfilled singing for a while which gave me confidence and the beautician dream led me to be creative and artistic. I’m a content writer for Whitehat, full of passion and enthusiasm I love to inspire others through my material.

Personality type

My personality type is a Protagonist and it fits me well! I’m charismatic, reliable, tolerant and altruistic, always striving to good do in the world. I have a natural confidence that makes me want to empower others through motivation, authenticity, and words of positivity.

Project Management

Erika Bachis

What I do

Hi, I’m Erika! As a child, I soon realized that you can be anything you want by writing. I wanted to be a pirate, which prompted me to write a long story about pirates! I was fascinated by novels like Peter Pan or The Treasure Island because they gave me a wonderful sense of freedom and adventure. Now I use this passion in exploring best SEO practices for clients and creating stellar content to engage prospects.

Personality type

My personality type is an Advocate. This makes me a deep and thoughtful thinker with a lavish imagination and a strong want to good do in the world. I believe all should be treated how you wished to be treated and in business, this pushes me to be and do my best always; never losing sight of what really matters.

Want to join our family?

We love what we do and are always open to finding new hard-working and passionate individuals who are interested in working with us to produce high-quality work. If you love what we do, please get in touch and we can digitally chat over a cup of tea (or coffee if you'd prefer), to find out more about our work, processes and how you can fit in!

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Where can you find us?

We're a team that's based on skills, not location.

We believe that our talent pool is global, and we'll hire the best people wherever they are—so we can get more done without having to cover a ridiculous overhead or charge crazy rates just to cover our office rent.

We're fully remote, and we wouldn't have it any other way!


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