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Press & media kit

Media Kit

We're a full-service digital marketing agency based here in London.

We love to create beautiful projects with our clients and get extremely excited when they share them.

We've got all the tools you need to spread the word about Whitehat!

Our brand resources can be included on your social media posts, webpage, mobile application, or in print materials.

Check out our brand resources below!

Whitehat Logo

Here's our logo!

Feel free to use it on your site, socials, articles, or printed materials.

But please don't modify it—we want to keep the colour and shape exactly as they are.

Also please make sure there's enough room around the logo so that it doesn't look crowded or squished in!

The logo and wordmark should be used on light backgrounds, the icon can be used on darker backgrounds and smaller publications.


Whitehat SEO Logo


Whitehat SEO Wordmark


Whitehat SEO Icon

Whitehat brand colours

We want our website to be engaging, informative, and fun. And our brand to be memorable.

That's why we use the following colour palette across all of our work.

Red Baron
Red Baron #be2535
Deep Saffron
Deep Saffron #ff9933
Dark Cyan
Dark Cyan #253342
Thunder #231f20
Mystic #dfe3eb
Blue Culture
Blue Culture #f5f8fa

Press Coverage

We love seeing our partners in the media!

If you recently wrote about Whitehat, we'd love for you to share it with us.

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