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A library of downloadable inbound resources at your fingertips

Our library of inbound resources is a collection of downloadable files, such as guidelines and examples, created by Whitehat, HubSpot and other industry thought leaders.

These inbound resources are designed to help you to establish, build and maintain your internal marketing knowledge. Plus, implement and improve your inbound marketing strategy.

Make more time to focus on what matters most and build your brand, while knowing that you’re up-to-date with all of the newest developments in your industry, giving you a better advantage over your competitors.

You can browse the library or search by topic.

Inbound marketing

Inbound Marketing Blueprint

Find out how to create a dynamic inbound marketing strategy that generates more leads and sales, starting with mapping out your business strategy and objectives.
Inbound marketing

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is about attracting the right customers. Learn how to encourage them to engage, and help to convert those customers into valuable leads.
Inbound marketing

How to run a campaign

Learn the elements of a successful inbound marketing campaign and how to develop a strategy that will provide results for your company.
Inbound marketing

Successful Inbound Strategy

Karen Rafferty is a renowned Hubspotter and inbound marketing expert. Here, she provides essential tips for successfully implementing your inbound strategy to achieve your marketing goals.
Inbound marketing

How to attract clients

Your marketing strategy is holding you back. Learn how to attract more clients and grow your business with this guide to the best tips on attracting your ideal clients.
Inbound marketing

How much should I spend?

There's a fine line between spending too much and not enough on marketing. Learn how to calculate -- and justify -- your marketing budget.

HubSpot ROI

HubSpot’s powerful inbound marketing solutions help companies attract customers and grow revenue. But what does that look like on a spreadsheet?

HubSpot Growth Stack

A simple, powerful technology foundation to fuel your company's growth. Hubspot's marketing, sales and CRM software allow you to focus on generating leads and revenue without managing a stack of scattered tools.

18 SEO Myths

The world’s leading search engine optimization experts will reveal how to make your site SEO friendly. by uncovering the most effective tactics, techniques and strategies.

What is SEO?

Understand how to make your website more visible to people who are using search engines like Google to look for your product, brand, or services.

SEO Copywriting

SEO copywriting is more than finding the right keywords to put in your copy. It's about crafting compelling content that appeals to your audience and helps you achieve your business goals.

How SEO really works

SEO is the biggest mystery for many marketers and SMB owners. This eBook will explain how it works, why most common ranking strategies fail and how to build your domain authority.

Create an effective marketing funnel

Learn the critical elements to building the foundation of a marketing funnel, how to improve your lead generation and use your existing relationships to build long-term business.

Brilliant Homepage Design

Make a great first impression with your homepage. Design it well and you’ll increase conversions, clickthrough rates, and search engine rankings. Get inspired by 50 brilliant examples.

Innovate your content marketing

Not sure where to start with a content marketing strategy? This guide will show you how to reverse engineer a resource pillar page so that it becomes easier for your audience to discover and consume.

Account Based Marketing

Building brands. Winning customers. Driving sales. Account-based marketing (ABM) is here to stay. This eBook will help you learn what it is, how to implement it and make it work for you.

Social media prospecting

Most businesses already use social media and think they’re doing it right. But in most situations, they are not! Understand how to engage people that may or may not be aware of their offerings.

Growth Driven Design

GDD is the antidote to the slow and painful process of traditional web design. By combining solid marketing principles with a clear methodology, this approach allows you to go from zero to hero.
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