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Why Market Your Tech Company Using Inbound?

There are many problems facing an ambitious startup technology company in today's market. Fierce competition, limited marketing budgets, complex and confusing marketing technologies. It's hard for tech companies to find the right marketing message and be heard over the background noise. On the other side of the sale potential prospects can be overwhelmed with information and traditional lead generation can hit high levels of resistance. Modern buyers know how to tune out the old marketing methods.

Working with an inbound marketing agency that are experienced in the technology and software markets is a key factor in your success. Inbound marketing turns the old marketing methods upside down. When you stop selling and start helping, prospects will start the sales conversations for you.

Connect With New Prospects

The old way of marketing using trade shows, personal referrals and a large, direct sales force has a increasingly low ROI.

Inbound Marketing is all about building authority and trust. Education and help prospects to give visitors a reason to return.

Excite Your Audience

Modern buyers need to be helped and educated before they are willing to connect or buy. Buyers look to a website for information as part of their buyer journey.

Your website needs to be able to segment your market and provide the right information to a qualified buyer at the right time.

Convert More Clients

You need to use technology to market and sell technology. By applying data alanytics to your marketing it is possible to build an evidence based marketing methodology.

A growth driven method of inboound marketing with a build, test, review mothodlogy will improve conversion rates from visitors to leads and from leads into customers.

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"Inbound marketing delivers 54% more leads into the marketing funnel than traditional outbound leads."

Source: Hubspot

Plimpton Testimonial Image

"Inbound leads cost 61% less than outbound leads."

Source: Hubspot

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