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Why Market Your Life Science Company Online?

Many life science companies are nervous about creating online content because of heavy industry rules and regulations. The downside of publishing incorrect content is much greater than most online firms. But this also creates a great opportunity for those who can embrace a life science marketing strategy by working with an experienced life science marketing partner to create an inbound marketing checklist. It can lead to significant benefits and provide a big competitive advantage.

To successfully market to the life science sector it's important to understand how scientific customers use digital content to find, decide, buy and use products and services for their work. That's where our experience comes in. It's not just about generating leads for life science companies. We understand how scientific buyers think and how to help and advise them on their buyer journey. We can advise and support the creation of content via blogs and other inbound content.

Reach New Prospects

Traditional marketing methods using trade shows, personal referrals and a direct sales force is falling in effectiveness.

Inbound Marketing is all about building authority and trust. Giving visitors a reason to come back.

Engage Your Audience

Modern buyers need to be educated before they are willing to connect or buy.

Your website needs to be able to segment your market and provide the right information to a qualified buyer at the right time.

Convert More Leads

By applying data analytics to your marketing it is possible to build an evidence based marketing methodology.

Effective data analysis leads to improved conversion rates from visitors to leads and from leads into customers.

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"Scientists begin their online search for products information using general web search (79%), online scientific publications (77%), and vendor websites (65%)"

Source: Bioinformatics LLC

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"Facebook and LinkedIn are the most popular social media destination for scientists. Only 19% claim not to use social media at all."

Source: Bioinformatics LLC

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